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Investing in currencies.

The Pound Shorter

This strategy is based on the relationship between the British Pound (GBP) and the U.S. Dollar (USD). In 1858 an undersea telegraph cable was laid between the United States and England. This telegraph cable was used to transmit instant information between continents regarding the exchange rate of the Pound versus the Dollar. Ever since those days investors refer to the GBP/USD forex pair as 'cable'.

Attentive observers noticed that the price of the GBP/USD forex pair tends to go down on Tuesdays in the first half of the day. Investui includes the Pound Shorter strategy, which takes advantage of this particular price pattern. A short sell position on the GBP/USD forex pair is opened for six hours.


This chart shows the gross profit generated for clients by the Pound Shorter effect. In 2019 the profit amounted to € 2.747. In 2020 the loss amounted to € 2.125-. The profit is based on a position of 1 future or the equivalent in CFDs.

Pound Shorter free trading strategy results.

This chart shows the gross profit generated by the Pound Shorter effect based on a 10-year back-test. The profit is based on a position of 1 future or the equivalent in CFDs.
Pound Shorter free trading strategy


Not all market effects monitored by Investui for its clients are market effects known to the public. This micro pattern of repetitive weakness in the GBP/USD was identified by a well-known German trader. Investui clients also benefit from strategies based on the market experience of such active investors.

If there currently is an open position, it is visible in the live positions table.


A market effect identified by a well-known German trader.
Good results over the last 10 years.
The strategy with the most stable results.
No overnight risk, the position is only held intraday.
A popular forex pair with significant order volume and liquidity.
An opportunity every week.


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